Certificates of Excellence and Distinction in Teaching Awards

September 15, 2021

Recognized by the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, the following members of the Department of South Asian Studies have received Certificates of Excellence in Teaching and Certificates of Distinction in Teaching. Partnering with GSAS and the Office of Undergraduate Education, the Bok Center’s certificates commend individual Lecturers, Preceptors, Teaching Fellows, Teaching Assistants, and Course Assistants for their teaching accomplishments. For more information, visit the Bok Center’s website, and congratulations to all for receiving this honor!

Certificates of Excellence in Teaching (for Lecturers and Preceptors):

Richard Delacy – HIND-URD 101B: Introductory Hindi-Urdu and HIND-URD 102B: Intermediate Hindi-Urdu (fall 2019, spring 2019, fall 2018, spring 2018, and fall 2017) and HINDI-URDU 123: Bollywood and Beyond (fall 2019)

Nell Hawley – SANSKRIT 102: Intermediate Sanskrit (spring 2021, fall 2020, and fall 2019), SANSKRIT 200AR: Advanced Poetic Sanskrit (spring 2021), and SANSKRIT 101A: Elementary Sanskrit (fall 2020 and fall 2019)

Hajnalka Kovacs – HIND-URD 101B "Introductory Hindi-Urdu" (spring 2019, spring 2018, and fall 2017)

Jonathan Ripley – TAMIL 101A and TAMIL 102A (fall 2019)

Anand Venkatkrishnan – SANSKRIT 101 (spring 2019, spring 2018, and fall 2017)

Certificates of Distinction in Teaching (for Teaching Fellows, Teaching Assistants, and Course Assistants):

Allison Aitken – PHIL 8 (spring 2018)

Radha Blinderman – SANSKRIT 101A “Elementary Sanskrit,” and GENED 1033 “Conflict Resolution in a Divided World” (fall 2020) and SOCWORLD 40 (fall 2019)

Divya Chandramouli – SAS 131 "South Asia: A Global History" (spring 2019)

Smriti Khanal – SANSKRIT 102BR "Intermediate Sanskrit" (spring 2021), PHIL 192 "Buddhist Philosophy" (fall 2019), and SANSKRIT 101A "Elementary Sanskrit" (fall 2018)

Sophia Nasti – CULTBLF 60 "Religion in India" (spring 2019)

Tyler Richard – FRSEMR 70P (spring 2018)

Lee Ling Ting – SANSKRIT 102BR "Intermediate Sanskrit" (spring 2019 and spring 2018) and SANSKRIT 101A (fall 2017)

Clarisse Wells – GENED 1001 “Stories from End of World,” and PHIL 18 “Human Ethics: A Brief History” (fall 2020) and WOMGEN 1243 "Masculinities in Postwar Film" (spring 2019)

Iris Yellum – HINDI-URDU 101B (spring 2018)