Bahasa Indonesia

Considering research in Borneo or Jakarta? Planning to visit Bali or Komodo Island? If so, why not learn Indonesian? The national and official language of Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous nation, Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) is the lingua franca spoken throughout the seventeen thousand islands by over 240 million Indonesians and is communicable within several neighboring countries. With its simple nature as a genderless, tense-less, and fluid language, Bahasa Indonesia has been connecting peoples of different regions, cultures, ethnic languages, histories, and belief systems in the region, from Aceh to West Papua, from Bali to Borneo. We offer elementary and intermediate Indonesian classes. Classes are small and can be tailored to student needs.

Last updated 8/25/16
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*South Asian Studies 100R. South Asian Language Tutorials
Bahasa Indonesia (Section 001); Not offered 2016-17
Bengali (Section 002); Instructor, Maya De
Burmese (Section 003); Not offered 2016-17
(fall term; repeated spring term). Hours to be arranged.

Individualized study of a South Asian language; emphasis on written expression, reading comprehension and oral fluency. Languages currently offered are Bahasa Indonesia, Bengali, and Burmese though, with enough lead time, others may be approved upon petition to the Director of Undergraduate Studies/Director of Graduate Studies.
Note: Not open to auditors.