Burma (aka the Republic of the Union of Myanmar) has received escalating international attention in recent years. Its geo-political location is critical to the strategic interests of world superpowers. Meditation practitioners and lovers of Buddhist philosophy from around the globe have gathered in its monasteries to study its rich intellectual and religious heritage. Recent political reforms have opened up lucrative business opportunities as well as urgent questions about Burma’s political transition to democratic governance. There has been no better time to study this country. The Department of South Asian Studies welcomes you to join its introductory and intermediate courses in Burmese language. Please contact the instructor and/or attend the first meeting if interested.

Last updated 8/25/16
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*South Asian Studies 100R. South Asian Language Tutorials
Bahasa Indonesia (Section 001); Not offered 2016-17
Bengali (Section 002); Instructor, Maya De
Burmese (Section 003); Not offered 2016-17
(fall term; repeated spring term). Hours to be arranged.

Individualized study of a South Asian language; emphasis on written expression, reading comprehension and oral fluency. Languages currently offered are Bahasa Indonesia, Bengali, and Burmese though, with enough lead time, others may be approved upon petition to the Director of Undergraduate Studies/Director of Graduate Studies.
Note: Not open to auditors.