Language Courses

As South Asia emerges as a global cultural, economic, and political power, the study of South Asian languages is becoming increasingly important for understanding our contemporary world. A study of these languages is also essential for developing a critical understanding of the diverse cultures, histories, and literatures of South Asia. The Department of South Asian Studies offers regular instruction in Hindi-Urdu, Sanskrit, Tamil, and Classical Tibetan.

Our language courses take place in small, exciting sections that are infused with a spirit of cooperation. No prior exposure to a South Asian language is expected and most of our students are true beginners.

Nepali, Thai, Colloquial Tibetan and other South Asian languages may also be offered through our language tutorial program. With an emphasis on written expression, reading comprehension, and oral fluency, languages in the tutorial program are offered by petition when there is demonstrated curricular or academic need on the part of an undergraduate or GSAS graduate student, and when suitable instruction can be arranged. Please contact the department to learn more.

Offered as part of our regular curriculum:
Tibetan (Classical)

Offered as language tutorials, 2022-23:
(Enrollment is by petition and statements of academic need are due by December 15th. For more information please contact the department at

Bahasa Indonesia
Tibetan (Classical)
Tibetan (Colloquial)