Thai 101B Introductory Thai
Individual meeting times (continuation of Thai 101A)
This course introduces the basic grammatical structures of modern Thai, enabling students to read and produce simple, standard prose as well as engage in basic conversation by the end of the first year. Thai is taught with a concern for the cultural context in which this language is spoken and written.

Thai 102B Intermediate Thai
Individual meeting times (continuation of Thai 102A)
In this course, students build on acquired proficiency at the elementary level towards achieving more fluency in reading, speaking, writing, and listening comprehension of standard Thai, as well as in cultural-social skills. The intermediate level introduces new vocabulary and grammar through communicative tasks and text readings, mainly using the situational-communicative methodology.

Thai 103BR Readings in Thai
Individual meeting times (continuation of Thai 103AR)
This course is designed to focus on reading and comprehension. Selected readings will be both for academic purposes and for pleasure. Students will read newspaper and magazine articles; short stories; and passages covering topics such as history, science, politics, medicine, technology and more. This reading course will help students become more proficient with nuanced/implied meanings, bolster vocabulary and acquire familiarity with various professional jargon.